FAQs (Business)

Do I need to register?
Registration is required for Businesses. Register online and start your touchless logging!

Google Form vs CP-19?
Both service are free and safe. CP-19 is easier and faster for businesses to set-up. Also, CP-19 can autofill, therefore it’s easier and faster for guests to check in. This is because CP-19 is specially developed for checkpoint purpose.

What are the data fields available?
Guest Name and Phone No. are compulsory, the rest are optional.

What can I use it for?
You can monitor who IS and WAS at the checkpoint.
In-Premise logging – who is/was in the building: condo, office, hotel, factory, school, …
In-Vehicle logging – who is/was in the vehicle: car, van, bus, …
In-Event* logging – who is/was in the event: seminar, dinner, …
*Important: Please always follow MCO guidelines first.
For custom features, it can be used for Attendance, Customer Feedback, KPI Monitoring or Entrance Management.

Will it work inside the building?
Yes, it will. CP-19 does not use smartphone GPS to track guests’ location, the service only save the date and time when guests check in at your business premise.

Where to send my feedback?
Please send us your feedback at Contact Us, thank you.

Is it really FREE? What’s the catch?
Yes, it’s a FREE service, there is no catch.