FAQs (Guest)

Do I need to register?
No registration is required for Guest. Go for your first try here!

Do I need to install any mobile APP?
You DO NOT need to install any mobile APP. Most smartphones have an inbuilt QR code scanner in the phone camera.

Can I preset the phone for my love ones?
It’s a good idea to preset the phone, in order for the details to be autofilled on their next check-in. Preset the phone here!

How the Check-In poster look like?
The checkpoint might display any of the 3 posters: Simple B&W, Standard B&W or Standard Color.

Do you track my location?
No, we do not track your location. We only save the date and time when you scan the QR poster displayed at the checkpoint.

Will it work inside the building?
Yes, it will. CP-19 does not use your smartphone GPS, the service does not locate where you are.

Will I get spam emails after using?
We do not collect your email address.

Where can I send my feedback?
Please send us your feedback at Contact Us, thank you.

Is it really FREE? What’s the catch?
Yes, it’s a FREE service, there is no catch.